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Thursday 18th November 2010
18/11/2010 - Should you be paying care home fees?

If a person is in a care home due to either mental health or physical difficulties then they may be eligible to have those fees paid by the NHS through the NHS continuing healthcare package. 

Eligibility rests on whether their need for care is primarily due to their health needs. Put another way; whether they have a ‘primary health need’.
In order to decide whether the person concerned has a ‘primary health need’ they would need to have a full assessment undertaken. Details of this can be obtained from their local doctor, nurse, social worker or other health professional. They, or one of their colleagues, will carry out an initial assessment/checklist to see if the case is one that requires a full assessment to be carried out.
  • If you think you or a family member should have an assessment, speak to your local health professional.
  • You can ask to be re-assessed at any time if your health needs change.
  • Ask to be kept informed during the process and to be told of the reasons behind any decision made.
  • If you are unhappy with the decision made or the process followed ask for a review and details of the dispute review process you can follow.
  • If you have paid for care home fees in the past when you were eligible for NHS continuing healthcare you may be able to reclaim the fees you paid. If this is the case, contact James Peterson for some initial, no obligation information.
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