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Wednesday 23rd February 2011
23/02/2011 - Compulsory Mediation in Family Cases
As from 6th April, in most cases, anyone wishing to ask a Court to make decisions about their children or in relation to finances arising from a family breakdown, will be expected to attempt mediation first. At the moment, only people who need Legal Aid are subject to this requirement. Mediation involves a couple meeting a neutral professional in the hope that they can resolve their differences amicably.
Martin Leech, head of our Family Team says “Mediation can help a number of families, particularly where the issues in dispute are minor. We have good relationships with a number of mediators and are able to assist in the process. In those cases where mediation does not work, we still help our clients attempt to secure a positive outcome for themselves and their children, whether by further negotiation or through the Court process.”

Martin Leech - Partner


News & Features
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